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Camille Conti, CH

New York’s Divine Channel ™ TV Show Host, Psychic Medium, NLP Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker & CEO of The Academy of Divine Rich CEO ™, Camille Conti Agency, Camille Conti Cosmetics ™, and Natural Image Care, LLC

Success and Leadership Coach

Keynote Speaker

Transformational Intuitive Life Coach

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Master Teacher Divine Channel NLP Life Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

B.A. Psychology and Communication 

Skin Rejuvenation Specialist

Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetic Product Designer

Certified Image Consultant

CAMILLE CONTI COSMETICS - A Non-Surgery Wellness Center ™

Camille holds a BA in Psychology and Communication from Canisius College of Buffalo, NY and is Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists of Merrimack, NH, as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Spiritual Counselor Specialist. As a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) & “Master Teacher Divine Channel NLP Life Coach” Practitioner; Camille offers consultations and sessions for Spiritual Gifts & Abilities Coaching & Development, Hypnosis, Transformational Intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki, Divine Guidance Readings and Healings, NLP Emotional Release of Limiting Beliefs, Traumatic events in this current life and past lives, Clears PTSD symptoms, Anxiety & Depression and also offers Age Reversal, Intuitive Healing Facials with her certified organic skin care collection; Natural Image Care. As a hypnotist, Camille believes that our words and our thoughts can redefine our DNA, behaviors, thoughts and results in life.  Hypnosis helps us to reprogram our self-talk and thoughts on a subconscious level whereby making it easy to change patterns in your life that you would love to transform.  Camille is also the CEO and Designer of Natural Image Care, a holistic healing, certified organic, age defying, acne clearing, skin repair treatment line.  She created this line originally for her son who had severe allergies and skin sensitivities when he was born. 

Also known as “New York’s Divine Channel”…. her radio personality name; Camille learned to speak to the spirits who have passed after her baby sister passed away in 2004 of a sudden brain malfunction six months after a blow to the head during a sledding accident.  Desperate to reconnect with her sister she learned how to communicate with deceased individuals.  This gift from the Holy Spirit allowed her to receive guidance to help heal her son and assist in many other people’s healings. Now considered a Renowned Expert in the field; Camille has a few National Radio shows where you can listen to her live, unleashed and raw.  She tells it like it is without a filter speaking her authentic truth.  Her message to the world is Be You!  The Way to Predict the Future… Is to Create It. Make no apologies!

Camille’s goal is to help empower people to step fully into their authentic shoes and make no apologies for walking the talk and talking the walk.  As Co-Founder and CEO of Camille Conti Agency, Camille acts as a leader for professional advisory, observation and mediation. Her team has a combined 62 years of experience helping individuals, businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

Camille’s passion is helping people heal and create the life they choose to experience. She has been helping her clients defy gravity with beauty and wellness private practice for the last 33 years.  Nineteen years ago Camille’s son was born with various medical conditions which motivated her to learn alternative healing work to help heal her son.  With the Grace of God and a lot of alternative natural healing methods and interventions; Camille and her son were able to receive many healings along their journey.  Now she teaches and offers many modalities that she has learned and trained for in transformational healing to others to help spread God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and Grace.        

Camille travels North America offering Keynote Motivational Speeches and Transformational Healing Weekend Programs.   She also offers group classes and one-on-one sessions for Transformational Intuitive Hypnosis, Reiki, Divine Guidance Readings and Healings, and Intuitive Healing Facials via phone, skype and office appointments in Williamsville, New York. 

She has offered Motivational and Transformational speaking for the last twenty-five years for companies such as AAA Automotive Company, Rich Products, Hunt Real Estate, MJ Peterson Real Estate, UPS, The Shopping Channel in Canada, The Whole Life Expo in Canada, The Conscious Life Expo in LA, The Universal Light Expo in Columbus, OH, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and many other corporations, non-profit organizations and shows.   

As a Holistic Practitioner; Camille is the designer and owner of a holistic healing, certified organic skin care treatment line Natural Image Care as seen on The Shopping Channel in Canada.

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Radically turn your life around! You can get where you desire, regardless of what you have survived or where you are now! There is nothing too grand! You just have to believe, receive and make no apologies!

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Divine Channel, NLP, Life Coach Level I

Become a Certified Divine Channel, NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Life Coach in just 90 days. 

Become a Certified, Divine Channel, NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming), Life Coaching Practitioner that serves like an Earth Angel and is able to take their client to their Victory Life with ease, joy and grace within a series of key, well-structured and orchestrated sessions.


Learn how to professionally orchestrate a stunning transformation session that miraculously moves your client in just 1-2 hours.

Your client will shift from stuck, struggling, lost and hopeless to clear, laser focused, lit up, full of knowing. She/he will be activated to move in the right direction for her highest and greatest good in alignment with the intentions of his/her heart, soul and soul mission!


Be the professional practitioner that your clients rave about to their family and friends for your accuracy and freakishly amazing ability to hold space for your clients while they transform in front of your eyes to even your own surprise!

Learn within our Divine Winner’s Circle vortex and earn your professional credentials with our potent certification and business development training. 



* You become a Divine Channel, NLP Life Coach who can channel divine guidance and source with potent power and accuracy.

  • You can now tap into your client’s higher self (oversoul) and spiritual counsel when channeling, being an OFF THE CHARTS conduit for their messages.  You are now totally clear, confident and potent in your channel and delivery. 

  • Your client receives guidance in the way it was intended by their higher counsel through your work, which is a deeply transformational experience in itself, that your clients will rave about and refer everyone they know to you to experience it for themselves.

  • Master the art of soulful delivery. Become a chameleon in your work, who has the ability to ‘fly under the radar’ of your clients regular defenses. This empowers you to share your clients messages in a way that opens them up to peacefully allow what you are sharing with their soul, even though in other settings they may reject those messages. 

  • Master results with your clients busting through their own glass ceiling and taking divinely inspired and embodied action in their new self identity. These exceptional results will have your clients referring everyone they know to you to experience it for themselves. 


Special Note: Once you graduate from this 12 Week Practitioner Course; you may apply for our 12 Week Master Teacher Course which is the MBA of the practitioner’s course and teaches you how to teach this course and grants  you permission to teach our Practitioner Course and certify your students, plus teaches you advanced video online presence, digital marketing, sales and service to take your business to six figures! This includes 8 additional course modules. 


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Camille Conti, CH 

CEO & Designer 

95 Allens Creek Rd. Bldg. 1, Suite 328 

Rochester, NY 14618