Welcome Divine One!
The Academy of Divine Rich CEO was founded by Camille Conti, CEO Coach and Leading Divine Channel, Co-Founder & CEO of Camille Conti Agency, and Founder & CEO of Natural Image Care as SEEN ON TV on TSC, formerly The Shopping Channel in Canada. Our Academy is a Sacred and Miraculous space to develop, grow and expand your business following your divine calling. We educate, inspire and motivate each divine entrepreneur to discover and follow their soul mission, heal & release that which may be holding them back from their dreams and goals, truly own their self-love, build their family fortune and create plenty of time for faith, family, marriage, and fun.
We encourage and support every person to walk in their true essence of who and what they are, own their positive light, make a real difference in the world, leave an amazing legacy for her family and STRATEGICALLY build her divine sovereign birthright of DIVINE LOVE, JOY, RICHES, and SUCCESS while MAKING NO APOLOGIES!
Creating and building the business of your dreams and your QUEEN FORTUNE with plenty of time for family and personal time while serving your soul mission is a sacred art…
You have just joined our SACRED DIVINE FEMININE VORTEX where intelligent, gifted, radiant, kind, loving, and compassionate individuals who honor faith first, family second, and business third, create HIGH-END EMPIRES to be grateful for and proud of!
We are empathic people who serve love, light, Christ Consciousness and make prayer and meditation a priority in our life. This is a community of people that believe in God’s Miracles and know in their heart and soul that anything is possible if you just ask, believe, hold unwavering faith, embody self-love and ABSOLUTELY NEVER GIVE UP!
So you can kiss anxiety and depression good-bye…
So you can leave the old career behind that no longer serves you and do exactly what lights you up instead…
So you take back your personal power, drop any toxic relationships and heal your soul…
So you can look in the mirror and truly love who is looking back at you…
So you can own the home of your dreams…
So you can go on the vacations of your wildest imagination…
So you can ignite your orgasmic love life…
So you can be the Fabulous Role Model to your children that you aim to be…
Please read and follow our Code of Honor:
1. Please post POSITIVE CONTENT.
2. Please request support or guidance when needed.
3. Please TELL US about your SUCCESSES!
4. DO NOT promote your businesses or events of interest.
5. If you would love to hire someone for a project, you are welcome to post this anytime.
6. Only KIND, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING & UPLIFTING energy is permitted in our sacred space.
7. Make it fun, respectful, and real, please.
8. Be your true self and honor other people’s opinions.
9. Please introduce yourself, tell us about your expertise, gifts, and abilities.
To learn more and or Apply; please visit us at


Welcome! We are a winner’s circle of divine CEO’S empowering one another! Thank you for joining us!

We are a unique online learning, ascension center and safe haven for divine business owners only to grow personally and expand professionally.

Divine individuals are participating in our various programs and courses for a variety of reasons such as healing, motivation, inspiration, education, certification training, business development training, leadership and communication training, image and visibility training and mentoring. We will help you stretch and reach for your highest potential.

Camille Conti Agency and the Academy of Divine Rich CEO run and operate our CEO online business school. It’s our intention to help each student achieve many of their personal and professional goals and dreams on their journey with us while following their divine calling.

Faith, Family, Career/Business & Community are our priorities in that order. We are a Christ Consciousness Private organization and welcome divine prayers in our group for the purposes of anchoring and embodying divine love, light, joy, gratitude and enlightenment.