The autism release program includes 4 – 6 monthly sessions featuring a special needs assessment, customized creation of individualized autism release plan & recommendations, workbook, education, healing treatments, homework assignments and follow-up visits.

The program is prepaid for a 48-hour advance notice of cancellation in order to reschedule appointment. All sessions are non-refundable and our consent form must be signed and emailed with your prepayment for your session a minimum of seven days in advance.

Must submit before first session any of the following that apply:

1.) Any IEP, 504 Plan or other individual plan already in place for the individual.

2.) List of medication and a written list of current therapies, healing modalities, or other support plans in place and past history of each of these items as well.

3.) A notebook, pen and favorite device, toy or keep occupied and happy tool(s) for individual being assessed.

4.) Email ahead and bring a statement of intentions for which you would choose and desire to achieve for the individual and caregivers from our sessions and work together. A list of things that are currently working for this individual in their life. A list of things that are not working well for this individual in their life.

NOTE: ((Please email this (14 font) letter with three questions answered, one week prior to your appointment and bring a hard copy of it to your appointment.))

Autism Release is defined as any noticeable improvement of any nature over any period of time. Release happens over undefined period of time and in divine timing. We are not a medical doctors office and we do not have any medical doctors working in our offices. You are required to have and maintain your own medical doctor and or team and continue your current protocols with them as we do not remove any individual of any medical protocol or diagnosis. Only your medical doctor and or team has authority to change your medical diagnosis or treatment protocol. All recommendations we offer are for educational purposes only and it is your free choice to decide what to do with our educational training and materials and or recommendations. Client and all guardians will waive any and all rights to hold any of our entities responsible for any and all results in a court of law or any other individual or organization.

All individuals and guardians take full responsibility and accountability for their choices, actions, outcomes and results of any and all nature. It is the individual and the guardians free will what they choose to do or not do with any and all education, training, recommendations or interventions of any and all natures.

At the moment of your purchase and by paying for this service or any other product or service now or any day after, you are automatically agreeing to all of the above stated terms and release any and all rights to revoke agreement or change anyone or one’s mind.

This purchase acts also as my and our signature(s) to this above agreement

on this said purchase item and day, time and moment.

We look forward to assisting you in creating your next level of success in your journey and the individual’s journey that you are supporting! We consider working with you and your family an honor and privilege and congratulate you and your family for choosing to take full responsibility for your future and accountability for your choices and successes moving forward.

The way to predict the future is to create it!