Meet, Court & Marry your Divine Equal Spouse Certification Course and Assistance Program


Leading Divine Channel and Success Coach CAMILLE CONTI Presents…

Meet, Court & Marry your Divine Partner/Husband/Wife

with ease, joy, and grace!

The 90-day immersion to stop feeling like you’ve lucked out in love and attract and develop an Incredible Relationship with the divine love of your life! 


Meet, Court & Marry your Divine Equal Spouse Certification Course and Assistance Program

The 90-day immersion to stop feeling like you’ve lucked out in love and attract and develop an Incredible Relationship with the love of your life! 

This is for divine women and men who believe that faith and family come first… Do you have a repeated pattern of choosing the wrong romance partner that can’t commit or is not marriage material? Are you ready to meet and commit to your divine spouse? If you are tired of waiting for your True Love to find you and you would like to meet them very soon, fall deeply in love all while creating your dream marriage & family because he/she is the one for you chosen by God, then this is the right program for you. 

Imagine that you…

  • Heal and release the deep wounds that keep you stuck being a magnet for Mister/Mrs. Wrong and shift into a woman/man who becomes a love magnet for Mister/Mrs. Right.
  • Leave old patterns of low self-worth and no self-love at the door as you shift into an Empowered Being who feels safe and worthy to love and be loved on all levels.
  • Release and heal old heartache that keeps you feeling like a loser in Loveville and open your heart again to feel and experience deep, divine love that will have you trusting yourself and men/women again.
  • Clear and remove the old relationship traumas, and awaken the sacred love codes of your heart to manifest and marry your dream man/woman with divine ease, joy, and pleasure.

Here’s what you get… 

Lifetime access to the Academy curriculum certification training with 4 Modules stored in your student membership portal.     

Module 1 – Marriage Preparation Training… The Business of Marriage 

Module 2 – How to become Irresistible to your True Love….  and 25 things to absolutely NOT do!

Module 3 – How to Manifest, Meet & mutually fall in love with your divine spouse… The Advanced Catch & Release Program. 

Module 4 – How to make your true love court you, marry you, and live happily in a mutually respectful and fulfilling, monogamous, marriage with you. 

12 Private 1:1 weekly 15-minute accountability sessions. (Value $1,500 USD) 

3 Monthly 1-2 Hour Private, Divine Partner, Marriage & Family Manifestation Strategic Coaching Sessions with Camille or Jeanne Marie Conti. (We will decide which coach you will be working with at each session based on your profile, needs assessment, progress made, and other diagnostic evaluations.) 

(Value $15,000 USD)

3 Monthly 1 Hour Private Kinesiology/Faith Healing/Trauma-Release/Body-Scan Blockage Removal/Womb Purification Sessions with Camille Conti. We will be performing a divine feminine love and reproductive spiritual surgery and recovery by energetically releasing and clearing all of your sexual partners out from this lifetime and all other lifetimes back to the beginning of your soul’s lifetimes. 

(Value $3,000 USD)

One weekly 15 minute accountability call for three months or every other week for six months. (Value $9,000 USD) 

Investment: $12,500 USD 

Total Value With Bonus: $34,500 USD 

Today Only… 

CLAIM YOUR… Divine Scholarship $2,000 USD 

Pay in full: $10,500 USD (SAVE $2,200 USD) 

Payment Plan Options: 

$6,300 USD & 2 monthly payments of$3,000 USD 


$6,300 USD & 6 monthly payments of $1,100 USD 

24 Hour Paid in Full Bonus: Professional Photography, Image, Color, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Hair & Wardrobe Consulting ½ day Private Immersion Session with Camille Conti “OR” Your Online Dating Profile Created especially for you to help meet your divine partner/husband/spouse to be. ( Value $7,500 USD) 


I met Camille in Oct ‘18 while grieving a pregnancy loss and seeking guidance around trying again to bring a child into the world. Within the year we worked together; I got engaged, pregnant, married, bought a house, and welcomed our beautiful son. Camille helped me rapidly upgrade and integrate various aspects of myself to bring my highest self into my new roles. Her guidance has always rung so true and anchored me during uncertain times. Her own experience and practical advice have also readied me to be a mom. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition that first day I met Camille. She has reminded me of the spirit’s presence and support in my life and I’m so grateful. Thanks, Camille!

Michelle – Cleveland, OH 


Camille is a joy and a pleasure to work with.  Her knowledge of the products and the techniques she employs give me confidence in her ability to get results.

The products are of the highest quality and the techniques employed are uniquely structured for maximum results.

I recommend anyone to work with Camille.

Tony – Cheektowaga, NY


In the brief time I’ve been working with Camille, I have noticed many positive changes in my life, thanks to her guidance. I met Camille by chance at a time when I was struggling with my own empathic abilities. She has given me tools that have made a big difference in my day-to-day life. Her insight has also helped me clarify long term goals. I find her a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services. 

K.D. – Amherst, NY 



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and intuitive abilities during our 12 Week Transformational Class and the 8 week class.  I found both classes extremely informative, enlightening and life changing.  By using the tools we acquired each week it kept us on track and moving forward.  My progress showed in many ways; for instance, I felt like I could take on any challenge, I was more full of life and I look forward to each new day!

The hypnosis was extremely important in this process and I would highly recommend any of her classes as they complement one another.  You keep building your assortment of tools that will be with you for life.  

Above all Camille, thank you for keeping me on point as having to be accountable is vital for progress.  Thank you for your honesty and openness in helping me hear things that were sometimes difficult to accept.

I look forward to our one-on-one sessions and learning about any new classes you are developing,

L.S. – Lancaster NY

“Camille made me feel comfortable and understood me right from our first meeting.  She has been right on with all the issues we’ve worked on, and has taught me a lot about myself.  Working with Camille is helping me to improve my life, and my sense of well-being.  Thank you, Camille!”

C.L. – Rochester, NY



  • Has a BA in Psychology & Communication, is an expert Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Master Teacher Psychic Medium, and Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner. 
  • Has 34 years of expert experience working privately with clients with a solid agency founded and built by Camille Conti and her team that has 62 years combined experience of proven results with healing, mindset coaching, and high-performance life and business achievement. 
  • Lived this self-sabotaging life experience herself, deeply understands the sacred journey, overcame the self-loathing, toxic relationships, self-sabotaging, and rose up to her divine sovereign birthright to claim her victorious life and YOU CAN TOO! 
  • Is Offering Mother Mary Divine Channelling and Healing, Transmutation, and Miracles, Private Channelled breakthrough sessions.
  • Is an expert in teaching you how to use your divine sovereign birthright of your Goddess of Divine Feminine Unlimited Credit Card from Heaven. 
  • Will give you a Channelled Personalized Treatment Plan from YOUR Divine Spiritual Counsel. (Your Higher Self (oversoul), Divine and all of your guardian angels and guides on your personal angelic team. 
  • Has created and is using our blessed and maintained Goddess of Divine Feminine, Mother Mary Miraculous Transmutation Chambers Vortex. 
  • Will give you the perfect blend of trauma release and self-love divine acquisition needed to help you rewire your brain and achieve your top five to ten goals in 90 days. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The following private and group sessions and support are to manifest your divine partner/spouse, for intense trauma and previous sexual partner release and for Divine Women letting go of toxic relationships to heal the core wounds and fully embody self-love, respect, trust & belief, claim their Victory life & Divine Family Relationships (Spouse & Children) while maintaining self-love, peace, love, health, happiness and authentic fulfillment…. Ending self-sabotage, abandonment, and or sacrifice. Now living your life knowing your worth and holding onto your miracles, love, and blessings! 

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