Soul Enlightenment Club for Women™

A Fun, Christ-Centered Spiritual & Social Club for women on the go from all around the world of all ages. 



A Fun, Christ-Centered Spiritual & Social Club for women on the go from all around the world of all ages. 


Welcome! Gather with us online weekly for 30 minutes, have some fun laughs, tell us what’s going on in your neck of the woods, and participate in genuinely empowering women. Join women worldwide and enjoy an uplifting, spiritual, entertaining, and educational time all at once. Share and get some things off your chest, help yourself, help your family, and raise the spiritual vibration in your own life and your family’s life, being part of a faith-based support and social club for women by women! We are open to women of all faiths, and what we say here stays here. This is a safe & healthy environment to share like-minded ideas and let your hair down in a positive and professional way. 


Become an essential part of our Body, Mind, Spirit, High Vibe, Christ Consciousness Immersion in our Divine Leadership Vortex for Women, Christmas Party, and two Tropical Retreats to grow spiritually, heal, shift, and upgrade to reach your highest & greatest potential every year!


Imagine that you…


Connect, have fun, stop feeling stale, and shoot straight up into a new stratosphere of success!


Become more confident, whole, healthy & happy!


Boost your vibration, change your thoughts and your life!!!


Connect with Divine and other like-minded women weekly to build Community and live your most AWESOME life ever! 


What you Get Gorgeous…


-40 x 30 Min. Weekly “Dear Camille™ article discussion.” LIVE CHATS by New York’s Divine Channel ™, CAMILLE CONTI (Chats are recorded and held in our Membership Site to view at your convenience.) ($2,506 Value)


-A New York Christmas Party™ with Camille and all of the Divine Women in our club who join us for fun, food, recognition, a photo shoot & a Special Christmas Gift from Camille Conti ($1,000 Value)


-Preferred Club Membership Discount Pricing, Reservations & Enrollment for our annual “You Can Have it All™” Spring Retreat in Cancun, Mexico, Fall Retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Private Party Retreats & Events by Camille Conti Agency™, and our Private 1:1 Coaching & Signature Courses by our Academy of Divine Rich CEO™. 


-12 Months of Access to our weekly chats on our Membership Site 

($1,997 Value)


-12 Months of Access to our Private FaceBook Group ($1,947 Value)


-An Organic Skincare & Cosmetic or Success, Confidence, & Leadership Meditation FEATURED PRODUCT of the month by Camille Conti Cosmetics™ by Natural Image Care™ or The Academy of Divine RIch CEO ™ delivered to you via USPS or digital download via email.

($50 – $100 Value – is variable depending on what the featured product of the month is.) 


*Club meets for chat time every Wednesday from 6:00 – 6:30 PM EST / 5:00 – 5:30 PM CT


Total Value: $7,500


Total Investment: $1,997