Spiritual Gifts & Abilities Life & Business Coaching & Development



Camille will identify your personal gifts and abilities, how to use them, maintain them, expand them and protect yourself as you utilize them.  She will also identify your soul’s purpose, mission, lesson, growth manual.  You will receive homework after each session.  The One Hour Sessions are spaced apart every three weeks.

This one-on-one training includes a healing at each session which can include any modalities from past life regression work, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Cognitive Processing Talk Therapy and more based on what Camille is guided to use to help improve your position to move closer each session to where you hope to be in your preferred choice of life experiences.

You will be required to submit a three page write up of everything that is currently not working in your life.  Describe in as much or as little detail as you would prefer.

We will delete these patterns and cause thought shifts to occur therefore removing old trigger buttons through rapid eye movement shifting. Old traumas you have been suffering from will be erased, transmuted and replaced with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, grace and non judgement.

We will examine where you are in your life currently and where you would like to be and create a strategic plan and course of action to help you arrive there in your highest and greatest good.

Each session may be recorded, notes need to be taken and homework must be completed from last session.

Complimentary Intake Interview prior to receiving this training:
What I need first is a minimum of a Three page letter pdf file on:
1.) Your conscious awareness of your healer/giver abilities now and how you believe you help people.
2.) Then what you would like to learn how to do in order to help your family friends and patients.
3.) Then what it is that is holding you back from doing this now.
4.) Also please describe your favorite story about how you helped someone.
5.) And finally, your latest frustrations in your life… Things you would like to heal in your own life.
6.) How much time you would like to commit to learning and practicing new skills.
7.) On a scale of 1 to 10.. Where do you feel you are as far as successful healer giver in correlation to your inner gifts and abilities.

Note: A minimum of a three page letter written to Camille covering all of the things that are currently not working in your life is required to be received three business days before your scheduled and prepaid for session. Please send this document in 14 point font and include dates and time frames available for your session.  It may run 1-3 hours depending on each individual and how the session unfolds.

All payments are nonrefundable unless 48 hours prior notice of cancellation is received.

I look forward to working with you!